Optical lenses

From budget to bespoke: our lenses cater for every need

Specology_0148When it comes to lenses there have been so many advances in lens technology that you’ll be amazed at the many options available, and the difference they can make to your everyday life.

Creative and Flexible

We have close links with one of the best optical labs in the country which means that we’re kept up-to-date with the latest advances in lenses, can offer immense choice and can offer bespoke lenses for any customer. The amazing technicians we work with can glaze any frame with any shape lens. If other opticians are telling you they can’t help you, we are the place to come.

Our knowledge of the wide range of lenses available means we are perfectly placed to offer advice on how to overcome complex issues. We also have access to some advanced lenses, such as progressive varifocals, at an own-brand price.

No Hidden Charges

All of our glasses come with a scratch-resistant coating included in the price which you’ll end up being charged more for almost everywhere else. The same goes for more complex prescriptions which need a specially surfaced lens – we won’t charge you extra just because you have a more complicated prescription.

Advice Not Pressure

Specology_0043You can choose single vision or varifocal lenses, opt for thinner, lighter lenses or add on a tint or a coating. We’ll advise you, not push you, into making the best choices for your needs. For example, for stronger prescriptions, investing in thinner lenses can reduce the weight of your glasses on your nose and prevent your face appearing distorted but we’ll take your budget into consideration as well.

If you’re looking for lenses which can help you to overcome a particular issue, give us a call and challenge us to sort it out. We’re on 01959 928 001.


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