Contact lenses

We’ll go to great lengths to match you with the perfect contact lenses

FTFT_contact_lensContact lenses are a great option for lots of people who need help with their vision but don’t want to be always wearing glasses. Our independence means we can offer an extensive selection of contacts, whether you want them just for special occasions or for wearing day-to-day. We also specialise in finding lenses for people who’ve not been successful elsewhere.

The Contact Lens Check

Before you start wearing contact lenses you’ll need a full eye examination or an up-to-date prescription, plus a contact lens check and fitting. The optometrist needs to be sure your eyes are suitable for contact lenses by measuring the curvature of your eyes and checking that they’re healthy.

You’ll be given a set of lenses matched to your prescription to try at home. Don’t worry, if it’s your first time we’ll also take you through how to insert, remove and care for your lenses. We encourage you to try your lenses out in lots of different settings – at home, the office, outside – so we can be sure they’re exactly right for everything you need them for.

After Care

contact-lenses-2At an after-care appointment we’ll make sure you’re happy and issue you with a contact lens prescription to carry on using. If your first lenses haven’t been a success, this is where the Specology difference really kicks in. We’ll carry on finding different lenses for you to try, free of charge, until we get a match, and we’ll keep going long after other opticians will have given up.

A Little More Complicated?

Some people will be told by other opticians they’re not suitable for contact lenses, for example because they have a very complex prescription, or unusually small eyes. We can help in both these scenarios. We also offer very high quality, gas permeable lenses which are great for people whose eyes are no longer tolerating lower grade lenses.

Loyalty Rewards

Our contact lens loyalty club offers you the chance to make substantial savings simply by setting up a standing order to pay for your lenses. As well as a discount on all the lenses and solutions you buy you’ll get free sight checks whenever you need them, and money off glasses. It’s always wise to have a pair for back-up, even if you’re a committed contact lens wearer!

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