Eye examinations

Keep your eyes healthy with a regular check-up from our skilled optometrist

Regular eye examinations are extremely important to ensure your eyes stay healthy and to spot any need for glasses or contact lenses. The sooner we detect an issue the easier it is to tackle and the risk of doing any long-term damage to your eyesight is reduced.

We offer eye examinations for both private and NHS patients. Don’t forget, if you’re under 16, over 60 or have a family history of a serious condition such as glaucoma, you’re eligible for free sight tests.

Many of our customers tell us our eye examinations are some of the most thorough they’ve ever had. Here’s what we do to give your eyes a full check-up:

The optometrist will examine your eye health using a slit lamp and hand held opthalmoscope. These allow us to see the front and back of your eyes to check for any signs of damage or disease. We also check your binocular vision to see how well your eyes work together. This is especially important in children who can sometimes have a squint which needs to be diagnosed and treated at an early age.

Specology_0057Particularly for customers who are 40 or older, the optometrist will check your intra-ocular pressures and visual fields. We have a brand new Humphrey Field Analyzer to measure your visual fields while your intra-ocular pressures – the pressures inside your eyeballs – are measured with a tonometer. This may sound scary but it’s actually very quick and completely painless. Both of these tests help pick up early signs of eye disease and glaucoma.

The process of checking whether your eye sight could be improved with glasses or contact lenses is known as refraction. This is the part you’ll be most familiar with, where you look at an eye chart and tell the optometrist whether you can see more clearly with or without a lens in front of your eye. We’ll show you what difference could be made to you vision with a new prescription, if it’s needed.

When your tests are finished you’ll be invited to talk to our dispensing optician about the results of your eye examination and whether new glasses or contact lenses would help you. We’ll never put pressure on you to buy anything from us; you’ll be offered a copy of your prescription to take away with you if you want.

If you’ve not had a sight test for a while, make sure that there are no problems you’re missing by making an appointment for one of our thorough examinations – just call us on 01959 928 001.


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