Children's Eye Testing

Don’t leave your children’s eyesight to chance – bring them for a child-friendly check-up

Specology_0111Being a parent involves taking a lot of responsibility for your children’s health. While you’re getting them immunised and having their teeth looked after, don’t forget to get their eyes checked as well. Sight tests for under 16s are completely free and by bringing them to see us you can be sure they’re not struggling with an undiagnosed problem.

Spotting whether or not a child has vision problems is harder than you might think. Short-sightedness can develop so gradually that it isn’t obvious for a long time. Children don’t necessarily know how well they should be able to see, and they may be reluctant to tell you they’re having problems at school.

Signs to watch out for include children squinting at distant objects, taking a while to focus on you when you walk in the room and suffering from headaches. Rather than feeling you need to watch your family for signs of trouble you can easily put your mind at rest with a sight test.

older childOur optometrist is simply the best in the business when it comes to handling children. The key is to help them feel comfortable on our premises and around our machines, which can be intimidating at first glance. For a start, we encourage a parent to have a test which the child can watch.

We want children to enjoy coming to see us so they’re allowed to explore and play with some of our machines. Having to sit still or concentrate for a long time is almost always unwelcome so we’re happy to spread a child’s test over several appointments. Too many parents worry about taking up a lot of our time, for us the only important thing is that we can thoroughly check your child’s eyes and we don’t mind how long that takes.

We’ve sight tested children as young as two and a half, so don’t think you need to wait for them to be at school before you get your concerns investigated. Make an appointment for your family now by calling 01959 928 001.

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