Prescription sunglasses: Style and safety combined

sunglasses The close links we have with one of the best optical labs in the country mean not only do we offer an amazing range of lenses for your everyday glasses, but that choice is extended to prescription sunglasses too. Check out our wide range of designs in store, or bring in some favourite frames and we can update them for you. Buying prescription sunglasses isn’t just a matter of looking good, it’s important for the long-term health of your eyes. Professionally made sunglasses keep out UV light, which contributes to cataracts and vision problems as we age.

A good pair also means less tiredness when driving in bright weather, and can make sure you stay comfortable while by the sea or doing watersports. Technology is advancing all the time where sunglasses are concerned. As well as an everyday tint we offer the choice of polarised lenses, which are specially designed to reduce reflection and glare.

Alternatively, photochromic lenses make sure you’ve always got the right eyewear on by reacting to the light, becoming clearer or darker depending on the conditions.

We invest just as much time and care in preparing a pair of sunglasses as we do a pair of everday glasses. We look forward to explaining all the options when you make an appointment on 01959 928 001.


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